Hi! Nice to meet you! My name is Jenna Calandra.

I am a social media content creator, marketing manager and video editor. I currently work at NY Digital Brands as a Marketing Manager and an Account Manager. I am a freelance video editor for youtube, music videos and more. I am also a freelance social media manager, but I have had social media internships to gain experience in social media management. I went to Post University for Digital Marketing and Business Administration. I am very experienced in video editing. I have been video editing for 15 years, ever since I was a kid and I learned the basics of Apple Computers growing up and developing with iMovie for video editing. 

I love using music background in my videos, I love doing after effects such as glow, tv static and more after effects. I love to create reels and TikToks consistently to grow my audience on Tiktok and Instagram.

I love to create consistent content and edit my content, which is the most fun part. I am into both long and short form video content such as lifestyle, productivity and beauty plus fashion. I am really into all types of niches and content on social media. When it comes to graphics, I use Canva and I always plan out my graphics ahead of time before I create the graphic project. I love planning and I love everything that has to do with content creation.