The Multi Talented Jenna Calandra

Jenna Calandra is a multi talented singer and recording artist. When Jenna is struggling to promote and showcase her music, she is always promoting her songs on social media networks and music blogs to show the world her music. The music she is releasing is filled with topics that Jenna has learned from during her 20s and teenage years. She has been dealing with depression, anxiety, and social anxiety throughout her teenage years until now. Jenna's passion for music is undeniable. She wants to be the next pop sensation like Madison Beer, Demi Lovato, Zendaya, and Ariana Grande, whom she looks up to as her musical influencers. As far as making music, Jenna is working with major producer Donnie Klang who was on MTV's Making The Band and signed to Atlantic Records back in 2008, when his smash hit song Take You There with Diddy was rising onto the Top Hot 100 Billboard Charts. Jenna wants to follow in Donnie's footsteps with her career, she looks up to him and his music, knowing she can do it too with her musical abilities. Jenna believes in herself 100% and she is currently looking for a manager to help her promote her music worldwide to young girls and teenagers on social media. Jenna's goal with her music is to tell her story and inspire young girls and teenagers with bullying, self-harm, and spread body positivity is her message through her music. Her music is filled with songs that are about her own experiences with bullying, depression, and anxiety and other topics that she wants to open up about. Jenna is working on a new single set for release coming soon to promote her music. Get ready for the new single by Jenna Calandra and her new single BOYS is available now.