Jenna Calandra is a singer, songwriter and recording artist. Calandra is attending Long Island's famous recording studio The Loft Sound Studio. Calandra is working with major producer, Donnie Klang. Since 2017, Calandra and Klang have been working on Calandra's SECOND ALBUM for 4 years independently. As far as her music career, Jenna Calandra was bullied throughout elementary school and high school because of wanting to be a singer. Calandra was bullied for the way she spoke vocally, the way she was raised, the way she looked, everything was bullied about Calandra, including her image and appearance. Calandra is achieving her music dreams. She is working on her SECOND STUDIO ALBUM with major producer Donnie Klang from 2008 series MTV's Making The Band. Calandra is making a name for herself in the music industry/business, the album will be released Spring of 2023. From being bullied, to switching schools to becoming a full time pop star, Calandra is ready to take the stage and sing her heart out. Calandra is willing to do what she loves most, she does not care about the haters talking about criticizing her voice and music. She is ready to rule and take over the world and music industry.

Music History

Jenna Calandra always wanted to sing. She was 8 years old when she had a singing part in a Christmas play. Calandra messed up and was angry at herself for messing up. On that day after the Christmas play, Calandra went home and went down to her father's music room full of instruments and she began singing a song from The Beatles. Calandra's musical influencers are The Beatles, Aerosmith, Gunz N' Rosez, Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Madison Beer, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and Ariana Grande. Calandra has been growing up with 70's and 80's music since she was born. Calandra loved to sing when she was younger but never really pursued it fully, until she turned 13. Calandra took voice lessons professionally at the age of 14.

"I have grown musically ever since 20 years ago," Calandra explains her vocal process, "I have been taking vocal lessons from multiple vocal coaches since I was a teenager, and then after a few lessons, I would practice singing for hours and hours in my dad's home studio." Calandra was curious if her father made it into the music business, and the answer is almost yes. "My father was offered a record deal from a big record label, but he declined the deal because he was about to get married and start a family," Calandra explains her father's experience with the music industry / business. Calandra wanted to go with her father's footsteps of wanting a record deal and chasing after her dreams.

In 2016, Calandra has discovered Long Island's famous studio, The Loft Sound Studio where 13 year old Madison Beer covered Etta James' hit single At Last. She hit 1.6 Million views on that cover video, alongside of Justin Bieber discovering her through the help of Calandra's producers, Matthew LaPorte and Donnie Klang, who signed her to Def Jam Recordings (Justin Bieber's record label) but Madison is now signed with Epic Records before she went independently and was successful as an independent artist.

In May 2022, Calandra performed at The Loft Sound Studio's first ever music festival. She opened up for Long Island's superstar, Nick Tangorra from BLI's Tangorra Take Over. "It was the greatest experience of my life," Calandra opens up about being the opening act for Nick Tangorra, "I am a huge fan of Nick and it was a pretty big deal for me to open up for someone famous and gain exposure." Calandra then added, "I gained over 500 followers on Instagram ever since the festival. I was so blown away and I was feeling grateful. I couldn't thank Donnie Klang and Matthew LaPorte enough for everything they do for me."

New Album Coming Soon

Watch the New Music Video for brand new single Dum Diddly Dum